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In 2011 The Bone Crushers were created as a paintball recreational team from ex-members of different military branches. Today, not only have we grown in size but we also  encouraged our members to pursue goals that will lead them down a straight and away from street elements. We currently have two team chapters: The New York Bone Crushers and  Florida Bone Crushers.

Our primary goal is to increase the knowledge of the sport to anyone who may be interested in it. Our focus is based on the elements of: 

  • Teaching the principals of the game, 
  • Team Respect and Support,
  • Leadership,
  • and above all Responsibility.

BCPS shop

To ease our expedition of this great sport, we have created a business known as Bone Crushers Paintball Supplies (BCPS).

Our expectation and goal is to sell equipment and supplies from all major manufacturer to the public and introducing to Paintball and its beauty while expanding our program to grow the sport.Our sales will also raise funds to support our team and those we may sponsor. Furthermore seeking to maintain sponsorship with the companies and vendors that supply us with markers, jerseys, shirts, bandanas, equipment, other apparel, etc.


We encourage people to try, play,experience and learn the sport of Paintball whether its MagFed, Woodsball, Rec' ball, or Speedball. We also have set up a charity sponsorship program where your business will be able to financially assits us. All the proceeds goes to the educational program and team divisions, be it in the form of equipment, team apparel, safety gear, and the site of practice. 

We do beginners and D5 training for youth of the ages of 12 and older free of charge. We will accompany them to games as well as tournaments to experience the joy of the sport and how it can be a positive influence on their lives.

We are hoping for soon to have our own Merchandise from various manufacturer. 

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our supporters, so feel free to visit during Speedball Practices and Tournaments. Paint balling is more than a sport. Its an educational experience.

Bone Crushers Paintball Teams


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: On Fields

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